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John Harricharan

John Harricharan

Hello and Welcome to Authors University!

My name is John Harricharan, author of a number of best-selling books, including:

When You Can Walk On Water, Take The Boat

Morning Has Been All Night Coming, and

The Power Pause

As you might imagine, my success as an author certainly did not happen overnight. In fact, Having many decades of experience in the publishing business, I have seen (and fallen into) many pitfalls that are often encountered by aspiring authors.

Over the years, I have seen many tried and true publishing and book distribution methods come and go, only to be replaced with new channels and technologies.

Because of these technologies, now more than ever before, it is possible for ANYONE, regardless of age, experience, affluence, location or any factor other than sheer will and determination, to become a successful published author.

However, the sad truth is that even with the new means of publishing and book promotion now available to us, more than 95% of aspiring authors will NEVER see their dream of having their book published come to fruition.

The Birth of Authors University

For nearly the past ten years, I have taught a course to several hundred students, showing step-by-step the process of writing, publishing, and promoting their books. Many of these students have gone on to have stellar successes with their books. Here are just a few of their experiences:

william_hablitzel“I suspect that people considering John Harricharan’s writing course would be interested in knowing the outcome of a previous student – from inspiration to publication to foriegn rights sales. John does good work.

To be able to reach out to people all across the globe is nothing less than a miracle. I’ve signed an agreement with Taiwan; they will publish my book in November. I have an agreement with Australia / NewZealand / Open Market Territories sitting on my desk. I said ‘yes’ to Turkey, Brazil and Germany. Others are interested, as well.

I’ve also been doing some radio invterviews – about 40 so far, and some local television in the midwest and am working toward national TV.

It has been quite a journey. When I find myself on a high hill and look back upon the winding trail behind me, I see that it started from a publishing course — your writing / publishing course, John — that once upon a time blessed my life, and forever changed it.

I will always be grateful for your help, your advice and your friendship.”

William Hablitzel, M.D.
Author, Dying Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

anita_bergen“‘Not one word… I can’t do it!’ Those were my famous last words on the subject of writing… that is until I took John’s advice and began using his writing course. Although I had worked as John’s assistant for many years, I greatly resisted writing at first. However, his insiders’ tips and information were virtually priceless, and I found myself inspired to take the plunge.

John’s sage advice gave me the confidence to complete not one, but two books with another one in the works. If you’re an aspiring writer, don’t delay. This course will help you realize your dream of becoming an accomplished author.”

Anita Bergen
Author, Life and Other Options and Pause and Reflect

rick_beneteau“In all sincerity, John is one of my favorite authors and his influence on my writing has been great, to say the least. When I heard about his e-course I just about jumped out of my office chair. The simple reason was that it has been a deep-seated desire of mine to write a ‘real’ book (we all know the credibility that comes with that) and I didn’t have a clue as to where or how to start.

John has always pleasantly surprised me. His eclass has been nothing short of amazing — extremely practical, easy-to-follow, inspirational and invaluable! I firmly believe that in EVERY person lies ‘an author waiting to arrive’, and thanks to John’s e-course, I now am a published author!”

Rick Beneteau
Author, A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please

terri_marie“John’s eclass, ‘How to Write A Bestseller’ is a masterpiece of information and insight. Even though I had completed my book, I was at a standstill of what to do next, having spent countless hours researching until John’s email arrived announcing this course. I enrolled in John’s eclass and went on to get my book published and win two awards!

That’s part of John’s magic. Whether you’d like to write a book, or you have one ready to go, John can guide you smoothly and quickly through the rough waters of book publishing. If you are lucky enough to come across John’s ecourse, jump on it.”

Terri Marie
Award-winning Author, Be the Hero of Your Own Game and One Minute Inspirations

While I have been delighted at the success of my students these past years, I have also been troubled because the course was out of reach of many aspiring authors who I know are in need of it. Because the course required a great deal of personal time and attention from me, it was priced at various times between $1,000 and $2,000.

As you look around the world today, there are many courses promising to teach you about how to get your book published, many with greatly inflated claims. And these too are all priced in the thousands of dollars.

I believe that there is no better, more profound way to make a real impact in the world than by becoming a successful author. And because I would like EVERYONE to have the opportunity to make such an impact, Authors University was designed to make my course far more accessible to the world.

What Is Authors University?

Authors University is a Membership Website that will encompass all of the following:

  • My entire book writing course, updated and enhanced with video, audio, and text transcriptions. This is the same course that others have paid as much as $2,000 to access in the past, but updated with the latest writing, publishing and promotion methods and technologies, some of which are just beginning to emerge.
  • Interviews with experts in the publishing business, providing you with cutting-edge strategies and resources.
  • Q&A calls and tele-classes where I directly answer your most pressing questions about writing and publishing your book.
  • The opportunity for personal, 1:1 coaching with me, to assist in making your book a reality.
  • Access to many other priceless resources that I have accumulated over the years.

By changing the structure of the course to this new online format, I can now make the course available not just to a handful of students at a time, but to tens of thousands of aspiring authors across the globe. And all of this will be made available at a tiny fraction of the cost of my previous course.

For more information on how Authors University can help you, CLICK HERE to download my “Get Published Blueprint” at no cost.

To Your Great Success,

John Harricharan