The Lesson of Professor Peterson

I get a lot of questions from people about how exactly I was able to get my own books published and on the best-seller lists.

Many assume that there’s some kind of “magic” involved, or that I had to start with something special in order to achieve the success I’ve been fortunate enough to have.

Well, I’ve actually got a bit of a confession to make here…

The truth is that, in spite of all the success I’ve had, back in my college days as a physics and chemistry major, I got a “D” in Creative Writing 361!

On top of THAT, my professor told me that I should stick with physics and chemistry and for the sake of humanity I should NEVER write again…

This presentation I did many years ago tells the rest of the story.

In sharing this with you, I hope that you will see that no matter where you’re at right now in the process of becoming an author, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Don’t ever let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise…

I’m here to help you see it through.

Will be in touch again soon,


P.S. – There’s also a bigger life-lesson in this story that I hope you can pick up on as well. Watch for it and post any comments that you have down below.


9 Responses to “The Lesson of Professor Peterson”
  1. Lauren Siler says:

    I loved your Professor Peterson story. Sometimes it’s the Professor Peterson person that can drag us down; and sometimes it’s the Professor Peterson person that propels us to even greater heights. The choice is always ours to make. You made it quite clear to listen to your inner voice and not the Professor Peterson person. This is one of the greatest gifts of all. Thanks you for sharing this great lesson, Mr. Harricharan. ~ With blessings of Loving Oneness, Kriss

  2. shiv jain says:

    Dear John,

    Thanks for sharing this motivating experience of yours yet I feel that some people get a cick from Professor Petersons like you did or like I do yet some people get a cick when people appreciate them. Would you like to suggest something to keep oneself in high self esteem always since due to financial securities, workplace circumstances, social issues and inter-personal relationships people do develop negative tendencies over a period of time uncontrollably.

    shiv jain

  3. Maeve says:

    Dear John,

    What a great story to share and inspire others to believe in themselves!

    I remembered, after listening to you, a few Professor Peterson’s in my life. Although I didn’t give much credit to what they said, their comments seemed to have lingered. I have filled so many notebooks over the years, with short stories and poems. My latest one is filled with a story all about love.

    I didn’t previously feel confident enough to share these writings with anyone and now I feel closer to sharing my writing, which is evident to me with the appearance of this site and your support. I am open to receiving the gift you have offered and know that when the time is right people will be reading my books. Thank you so much for being who you are and for all that you have shared.

    Much love and respect, Maeve :-)

  4. donna says:

    Hi John,
    I did email before but just to leave a comment at this post now to say that i too have encountered a few professor Petersons’ in the past and as you so expressly put it ,”how dare they”.
    If anything i can thank them now as i felt even more determined to write and reading your newsletters and listening to the audios have encouraged me more in doing so .
    Thank you John,
    to your continued success,


  5. soman pillay says:

    Dear John H,,,, My love to u from Malaysia..

    Finally, i am starting to believe that my dream of writing a book will become a reality with your gracious kind heart John… Thank You and may God bless you n yours always… My life has taken many twists and turns, ups and downs, and i know that many will benefit from my unique story and John, with your guidance, anything is possible…

    Thank You again…

    Soman Pillay

  6. Bart Muller says:

    I was reminded of Napolion Hill’s statement “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”, while watching your presentation, and the necessity of getting the “conception” and the “believing” in harmony to bring about the “achieving”.

    1. You conceived yourself to be a writer.
    2. You believed you would write an “A” story. It was judged to be worthy of a “D” grade.
    3. You did not change your belief that you would write an “A” story…you persevered through the seven(?) years of trials and doubts brought about by life, and…
    4. You published “When you can Walk on Water, Take the Boat”

    I’d hate to consider the consequences of you beleiving the Professor’s advise that you stay away from writing, for that belief would also have brought about an achievement…that of not publishing the book, and frustration in your life, by not having the “conceiving” and “believing” in harmony.

    The Universe (God) will return to you only what you believe…Think about it!

    Bart Muller
    6370 Jones Rd.
    College Park, GA

  7. manish says:

    Thanks John!

    I met my Prof. Peterson yesterday.

    I am on the way to publish my first book, ” I Have the Controls”.

    I know i will be guided by Great Souls like you.



  8. Dear John,

    thanku John for the great Lesson of Prof. Peterson. I have learned from this lesson that our Best may be hidden in the worst as the world sees it. Our purpose may be in the outcome of these challenges. we have to face them and fight and win them over. From now on I will accept lifes greatest challenges and treat them as steps towards my purpose. Thankyou so much.



  9. dear john,

    thankyou for showing me that writing can be so easy. i have been wanting to write as i had so badly wanted to express my views but i never could. But now thanks to your lessons about the myths and the simple techniques that i have atlast completed my first writing. And I am sure it is going to be a big breakthrough. Thankyou JOHN. You are my Gideon.MAY GOD BLESS US ALWAYS



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