Publishing Your Own Book – Why Self Publish?

If you’ve written a book or if you’re considering writing a book, one of the options you might look into (and what I recommend for most authors who are getting started) is the idea of self-publishing. Publishing your own book is a wonderful way to get your book out there, outside of the traditional publishing avenues.

There are several reasons to self-publish books, rather than utilize the traditional publishing model of going through a large publisher:

  • You will retain control of your work. Most contracts you might sign with a big publisher will take virtually ALL of your rights as an author. That means movie rights, foreign language distribution rights, and much more. Self-publishing allows you to retain all of these valuable rights and ensure that you will be able to decide how your work is distributed.
  • Publishing your own book means that you don’t have to deal with the immense amount of time and frustration involved in sending your book to agents and publishers. You will be able to publish on your timeline, rather than that of some businessperson sitting behind a desk at a publishing house.
  • You will not have to submit your work to the rampant rejection experienced using the major publishing houses. Having said that, you also need to recognize that EVERY author will benefit from having an editor, and from input from experts in the field. In addition, you aren’t going to hone your craft if you can’t learn to take constructive criticism.
  • Using a large publisher usually means a small advance, if any, on the front end, and a small percentage royalty on the back end once your book starts selling. Often, the first royalty check will not be paid to the author for as much as two years after the publishing contract is signed. Publishing your own book, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy a much larger percentage of the sales made by your book, and ensures that you can be paid much sooner.
  • When authors self-publish books, and then learn how to effectively promote them, they will have MUCH greater leverage in negotiating with major publishers later on. In other words, once you have proven that you book will sell, publishing houses will be much more willing to negotiate deals that lean more in the authors favor than they would otherwise.

Today, there are so many wonderful avenues to publish your own book that it is the #1 way that I recommend a new author get started.

To be sure, there can be pitfalls along the way with self-publishing, but your chances of long-term success as a published author are MUCH greater if you opt to take this route and go about it the right way.

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