Expert Interview: Yanni Maniates, Successful Published Author

The latest expert in the Authors University Expert Interview series is Yanni Maniates, a successful published author and meditative coach.

Yanni has been teaching Meditation, Intuitive Development, Healing and metaphysical subjects for over twenty years. Additionally, he has been doing intuitive counseling for the past fifteen years, and is certified in numerous holistic modalities and have studied and practiced many esoteric healing modalities

In this interview, John and Yanni explore a number of topics, including:

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Lesson 10.2 – The Responsibilities of An Author

Like everyone else, we, as authors, have some awesome responsibilities. Most of your readers will tend to want to speak with you, see you, touch you and spend lots of time with you. If you permit it, you would have very little private time.

This session concerns itself with creating a balancing act — enough time for your readers and enough time for you — and handling the tasks  of meeting your readers and dealing with their correspondence and emails.

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Tips On Writing A Book

Here are some simple tips on writing a book that will make your writing clearer and much easier to read and understand. Read more

The Evolution of An Author – MP3 Download

Not long after recording my infamous “Seven Myths About Becoming A Best-Selling Author” interview, I had another chance to be interviewed by published author Anita Bergen.

This time, Anita asked me for more information about the actual journey that is required to attain the ranks of the best-selling authors of the world.

Basically speaking, the “Evolution” of becoming a best-selling author.

There are some great, practical insights in this interview that I know you’ll be able to benefit from.

Download the audio right here by right clicking the following link, and then clicking “Save As” to save it to your desktop:

Evolution of An Author

Please let me know what you think of the recording by posting your comments or questions below.

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The Lesson of Professor Peterson

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