Lesson 9.1 – Publishing Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The evolution of printing was in great measure responsible for the creation of a “New World.” Aspiring authors now have the power to let their voices be heard around the world through electronic words. Explore the future of digital publishing and discover how to get your book in print without wasting lots of time.

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Lesson 5.3 – A First Step Towards Publishing

Here’s a great way to get published in a relatively short time with minimal costsGo Digital!

We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of ebooks, how to convert your manuscript into an ebook and have it available for sale on a website in a very short time.

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Lesson 5.4 – Ebooks Sell!

One of the simplest ways to get your work published is to start as an ebook.

If you think ebooks aren’t respectable, don’t sell, or that they won’t earn any money, you’d be wrong.

Here we’ll examine some Internet examples of super successful authors who regularly create and sell ebooks with incredible results.

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How To Get My Book Published

As just about anyone can tell you, writing a book is only the first part of getting it out to your target audience. Getting your book published can be as arduous and taxing a process as writing the book. Read more