Lesson 1.1 – Why You Can And SHOULD Become A Successful Author

This lesson is your introduction to Authors University and to the process of becoming a highly successful author. Read more

Lesson 1.3 – The Benefits of Becoming An Author

Here John and Anita discuss the many benefits of becoming a published author. Some of these you may have expected, but there are many unanticipated benefits of authorship that probably have not occurred to you. Read more

Lesson 1.4 – Author Success Stories

This lesson discusses the success stories of several authors  –  some who had never attempted to write until they followed the guidance John Harricharan offers in this writing course  –  and others who are world famous, international bestselling authors. Read more

Lesson 1.5 – Often-Missed Essentials To Consider About Becoming An Author

In this segment you’ll discover how becoming a successful author is within the reach of practically ANYONE who wants to write a book. Topics covered by John Harricharan and Anita Bergen include:

  • Overcoming myths
  • Misleading reasons for becoming an author
  • How to “plug in” to the program, and
  • Inspiration: the unseen essential to being a successful author Read more