Lesson 12.1 – Final Thoughts: A Brief Summary of Getting Your Book to Market

In this next-to-last session we’ll review a checklist, itemizing the various steps necessary to getting your book to market.

Among the topics covered are:   the various steps in writing and formatting your manuscript, getting a cover and testimonials, converting your Word file into a pdf file, getting your manuscript into a hard copy book and many ways to publicize and promote book sales.

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Lesson 5.1 – To Publish: Let Me Count The Ways

This session examines  — in detail  –  the step-by-step process of getting your written, edited and formatted manuscript into a hard-copy printed book.

The specifics on self-publishing costs and determining the sales price for your book are also fully explained.

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Lesson 2.1 – Critical Tips On Beginning Your Manuscript

This past week, we have taken time to give you an extensive bird’s-eye view of the publishing business and this sometimes peculiar process of becoming a successful author. We will now take a departure from this overview, and begin to talk about the writing process.

This session will begin with material about Beginning the Writing of your Manuscript. Here are some things we’ll discuss:

  • The “energy” you are broadcasting
  • The “Why” of writing your manuscript
  • Questions you should ask yourself as you begin
  • Why being clear about your reasons for writing your book will determine your writing success.

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