Lesson 10.2 – The Responsibilities of An Author

Like everyone else, we, as authors, have some awesome responsibilities. Most of your readers will tend to want to speak with you, see you, touch you and spend lots of time with you. If you permit it, you would have very little private time.

This session concerns itself with creating a balancing act — enough time for your readers and enough time for you — and handling the tasks  of meeting your readers and dealing with their correspondence and emails.

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Keys To Effectively Marketing Your Book

There are more ways to effectively provide publicity for a book now than there ever have been before. Marketing your book is now simplay an exercise of knowing the appropriate strategies, and carrying them out effectively. Read more

Lesson 8.1 – Creating A “Buzz”

This segment sheds light on the myriad ways to create interest, curiosity, or a “buzz” about your book. Using press releases, articles (written by you or by others about you or your book), websites, ezines, newsletters and social media are discussed in detail.

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Lesson 7.1 – More Promotion, Publicity & Marketing

The importance of promoting and publicizing your book cannot be over-emphasized.

In this session, John Harricharan shares the inside story of how his “WaterBook” became “Best Book of the Year”.  He also offers some crucial tips on what to do if your book has NOT won an award.

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Lesson 7.2 – Still More Promotion, Publicity & Marketing

Never stop promoting  –  it pays off in the long run. There are many places you can go and things you can do to make contacts with people who could be of great help in promoting your book.

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Lesson 6.1 – Promotion, Publicity & Marketing

No matter who you are, what you do or how you publish your book, the final responsibility for making your book a bestseller is up to YOU!

In this important segment, John describes many of the methods he has used to promote, publicize and market his own “Waterbook”.

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