Lesson 9.1 – Publishing Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The evolution of printing was in great measure responsible for the creation of a “New World.” Aspiring authors now have the power to let their voices be heard around the world through electronic words. Explore the future of digital publishing and discover how to get your book in print without wasting lots of time.

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Lesson 8.3 – A Matter of Rights

If you get your book published by a large, mainstream publisher, according to their contract you will probably have to give up most of your rights. Some alternatives, as well as the importance of Electronic and Foreign Rights are covered in this session.

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What You Need To Know About Book Publishing Houses

If you are trying to get your book published, it can be helpful to understand the landscape. You need to be familiar with the book market, especially in your genre. You need to be familiar with the book publishing process. You also need to know some very specific things about book publishing houses. Read more

Publishing Your Own Book – Why Self Publish?

If you’ve written a book or if you’re considering writing a book, one of the options you might look into (and what I recommend for most authors who are getting started) is the idea of self-publishing. Publishing your own book is a wonderful way to get your book out there, outside of the traditional publishing avenues. Read more

Creating Your Book Marketing Plan

Just because you’ve written a book doesn’t mean anyone is going to buy it. In fact, even getting your book picked up by a major publisher doesn’t mean anyone is going to buy it. If you want to really make some money from your book, you need to create a solid and effective book marketing plan. Read more

Lesson 1.6 – Publishing With Major Publishing Houses

This session covers information on the traditional model of publishing with the major publishing firms. We’ll discuss several topics, including:

  • Lead times
  • Advances
  • Royalties
  • Payment terms
  • Distribution
  • Publicity and promotion.

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