Lesson 8.2 – A Word About Book Distribution

One way to get your book into the hands of potential buyers is to arrange for a good distribution system. Various distribution systems — for both hard bound and electronic formats — are explored and three “real life” book examples are reviewed.

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Lesson 5.1 – To Publish: Let Me Count The Ways

This session examines  — in detail  –  the step-by-step process of getting your written, edited and formatted manuscript into a hard-copy printed book.

The specifics on self-publishing costs and determining the sales price for your book are also fully explained.

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Lesson 5.2 – How To Publish Your Book Without Spending Any of Your Own Money To Start With

It is a common misconception that you will need to come up with enormous sums of money out-of pocket to publish you book. Quite a number of authors have raised the money to publish their books by applying the calculations and pre-selling formula described in this segment.


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Lesson 5.3 – A First Step Towards Publishing

Here’s a great way to get published in a relatively short time with minimal costsGo Digital!

We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of ebooks, how to convert your manuscript into an ebook and have it available for sale on a website in a very short time.

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Lesson 5.4 – Ebooks Sell!

One of the simplest ways to get your work published is to start as an ebook.

If you think ebooks aren’t respectable, don’t sell, or that they won’t earn any money, you’d be wrong.

Here we’ll examine some Internet examples of super successful authors who regularly create and sell ebooks with incredible results.

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Creating Your Book Marketing Plan

Just because you’ve written a book doesn’t mean anyone is going to buy it. In fact, even getting your book picked up by a major publisher doesn’t mean anyone is going to buy it. If you want to really make some money from your book, you need to create a solid and effective book marketing plan. Read more