Q&A Call: January 19, 2010

Here is the most recent Q&A session conducted by John Harricharan for Authors University members.


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Expert Interview: Yanni Maniates, Successful Published Author

The latest expert in the Authors University Expert Interview series is Yanni Maniates, a successful published author and meditative coach.

Yanni has been teaching Meditation, Intuitive Development, Healing and metaphysical subjects for over twenty years. Additionally, he has been doing intuitive counseling for the past fifteen years, and is certified in numerous holistic modalities and have studied and practiced many esoteric healing modalities

In this interview, John and Yanni explore a number of topics, including:

Enjoy this interview as part of your Authors University membership!

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Expert Interview: Al Galasso – Executive Director, North American Book Dealers Exchange

For Authors University’s first of many expert interviews, John Harricharan interviewed Al Galasso, Executive Director of the North American Book Dealers Exchange.

For over 27 years, Al has helped thousands of book publishers to market their books. His keen insights into the changing world of book publishing will be invaluable to you on your journey to becoming a published author.

Enjoy this rare interview between Al and John Harricharan!

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The Ins And Outs of Print On Demand Publishing

Publishers and authors today have at their disposal a revolutionary way to get their books published. No longer do they have to print 3,000 copies of their books and wait for months to get them. Read more

Lesson 9.1 – Publishing Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The evolution of printing was in great measure responsible for the creation of a “New World.” Aspiring authors now have the power to let their voices be heard around the world through electronic words. Explore the future of digital publishing and discover how to get your book in print without wasting lots of time.

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Lesson 9.2 – Print On Demand (POD)

Publishers and authors today have at their disposal a revolutionary way to get their books published. No longer do they have to print 3,000 copies of their books, wait for months to get them, and then have to store and distribute them on their own.

With Print On Demand, commonly known as POD, you can order as few copies or as many as you want. We’ll take a look at a price comparison of POD vs. Offset Printing.

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Lesson 9.3 – More Print On Demand

The POD method is the easiest way to become an author of printed books. By using POD and retaining all your rights, you’re in total control of everything. This session will contrast and compare several POD services and discuss their benefits and distribution systems.

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Lesson 5.1 – To Publish: Let Me Count The Ways

This session examines  — in detail  –  the step-by-step process of getting your written, edited and formatted manuscript into a hard-copy printed book.

The specifics on self-publishing costs and determining the sales price for your book are also fully explained.

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Lesson 5.2 – How To Publish Your Book Without Spending Any of Your Own Money To Start With

It is a common misconception that you will need to come up with enormous sums of money out-of pocket to publish you book. Quite a number of authors have raised the money to publish their books by applying the calculations and pre-selling formula described in this segment.


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Lesson 5.3 – A First Step Towards Publishing

Here’s a great way to get published in a relatively short time with minimal costsGo Digital!

We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of ebooks, how to convert your manuscript into an ebook and have it available for sale on a website in a very short time.

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