Lesson 2.4 – A Single Cohesive Theme For Your Book

In this segment, the crucial value of creating A Single Cohesive Theme for your book is explained.

There is NO more important step to writing your book than this one. We’ll discuss how to create your own theme, which will act as the driving force behind your writing.

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Lesson 2.5 – Book Writer’s Math: Figuring the Number of Pages, Number of Words, and Does Length Really Matter?

This session will cover a variety of “Numbers” questions regarding pages, chapters and words.

We’ll examine examples of books both large and small by famous authors, and will also address the value perception of your readers.

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Lesson 2.6 – Creating Your Book Outline

In this session we’ll discuss the importance of using the tool of outlining to help you in organizing your thoughts and creating your book manuscript.

Topics covered include using index cards and incorporating computer outlining software¬† –¬† also the best outlining software John Harricharan recommends.

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