Q&A Call: January 19, 2010

Here is the most recent Q&A session conducted by John Harricharan for Authors University members.


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Lesson 12.1 – Final Thoughts: A Brief Summary of Getting Your Book to Market

In this next-to-last session we’ll review a checklist, itemizing the various steps necessary to getting your book to market.

Among the topics covered are:   the various steps in writing and formatting your manuscript, getting a cover and testimonials, converting your Word file into a pdf file, getting your manuscript into a hard copy book and many ways to publicize and promote book sales.

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Lesson 10.1 – The Art of Writing – Some Writing Tips

Most authors set their sights on writing with passion and integrity. For some reason, a part of our energy is conveyed in our words, written or spoken… but we need to write so that the meaning of our words is clearly understood. Here are some simple tips, which will make your writing clearer and easier to read and understand.

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Tips On Writing A Book

Here are some simple tips on writing a book that will make your writing clearer and much easier to read and understand. Read more

How To Get My Book Published

As just about anyone can tell you, writing a book is only the first part of getting it out to your target audience. Getting your book published can be as arduous and taxing a process as writing the book. Read more

Lesson 4.4 – Editing: A Critical Step For Every Author

Editing is a crucial part of your book’s creation and we’ll talk about why EVERY author ( no exceptions, even for YOU ;)   ) benefits by using an editor.

We’ll also discuss why spelling and grammar checkers cannot take the place of an editor, as well as how to go about finding an editor for your manuscript.

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Lesson 3.1 – The “Where” and “When” of Writing and Overcoming the Dreaded ‘Writer’s Block’

In this lesson, John will discuss the practical aspects of writing –  the “Where” and “When” –  using several published authors as examples.

He compares and contrasts their various methods and emphasizes the importance of customizing a method to suit your personal preferences.

John also explains ‘Writer’s Block’ and reveals his personal technique for dealing with this common annoyance.

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Lesson 3.2 – The “Secret” of Writing a Book

In this session John shares bestselling author Richard Bach’s advice for writing chart-topping hits.

This one tip could make your writing a much more pleasurable exercise and could save you countless hours of work.

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Lesson 3.3 – Alternate Ways To Write Your Book

If you don’t have the time, or are knowledgeable on a topic, but aren’t interested in organizing or formatting your writing, there are many ways to “partner” with another ( co-author, ghost writer, out-source, interviewees ) to get the job of writing done.

We also discuss technology in the form of audio recording then transcribing your work and voice recognition computer software.

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Lesson 3.4 – The Critical Step of Naming Your Book

Where books are concerned, picking a proper title is one of the most important things we can do.

A good title could make the difference between less than mediocre sales and fantastic sales.  It is important that you start the process of finding a good title way before your book is completed.

Also, discover how John came up with titles such as:  “When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat”, “Morning Has been All Night Coming” and “Journey in the Fields of Forever”.

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